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Welcome to Ibtikar Academy

We believe in the power of technology as a bridge that connects young people to the future, and from here, we offer you an integrated path to explore the world of programming and innovation. With our vision rooted in empowering future generations through education based on cultural and linguistic relevance, we seek to bridge the digital divide and open new horizons for young learners in our region.

At the Ibtikar Academy, we offer innovative educational courses covering the fields of programming, robotics, and artificial intelligence, specifically designed to meet the needs and aspirations of Arabic-speaking teenagers and children. Through our accessible and interactive curriculum, we prepare young people with the skills needed to lead technological progress and shape their future with confidence and creativity..

Join us to be part of this inspiring journey, and together let us shape a future that thrives with innovation and opportunities for every young man and woman in our Arab world.

All Courses will be FREE until September 2024​​

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Courses in Arabic

All  courses are available in Arabic while maintaining scientific terminology in English to make it easier for the trainee to search and expand on scientific references on topics.

Live Exercises 

The curricula are designed in a way that allows the trainee to apply what he has learned through exercises designed to reinforce concepts and ensure a smooth learning process that achieves the highest benefit for the student.

Peer to Peer

The Academy provides an interactive forum for all trainees to discuss and ask questions about topics related to the courses in order to open horizons for further expansion of the topics.


Ibtikar Academy has ambitious plans for expansion over the coming years. In 2024, we are launching 10 educational courses covering a wide range of topics, with a focus on quality education and improving the learning experience. By the end of the year, we aspire to launch 40 courses and attract 5,000 students. This scheme highlights our commitment to providing outstanding digital education and contributing to developing young people’s capabilities in STEM fields.


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