About the Academy

Ibtikar (Innovation) Academy is an online educational platform dedicated to empowering the next generation of youth in the Middle East and North Africa through technology. Our platform is specifically designed to engage and educate Arabic-speaking teens and children, offering them an easy path into the world of coding and digital literacy. Our vision is to bridge the digital divide and open new horizons for young learners in the Arab world.

Linguistically accessible. Our mission is about cultivating curiosity, fostering innovation, and building a community of young people passionate about technology, who have the power to shape their future and contribute to the technological advancement of the region. Today our project stands at its beginnings, as we currently seek to develop initial educational courses within a limited budget. We are in constant search for enthusiastic and passionate teachers who will share this journey with us and contribute to shaping the features of this innovative project.

The platform will also work on designing specialized educational curricula in the fields of programming and robotics, and will provide these curricula as services to schools, to enhance the level of technical education and contribute effectively to developing students’ capabilities. We work to teach programming not as languages and writing methods, but rather as a method, algorithms, and mathematics. We believe that artificial intelligence will perform tasks. Programming in the future. We believe that the new generation qualified to think logically and systematically is able to lead artificial intelligence more efficiently and effectively.

Ibtikar Academy Roadmap

Early stages: Currently, we are finalizing our initial set of courses, which represent the starting point towards an advanced and comprehensive education.

Big ambitions: By the end of the year, we aim to expand our educational library to include 40 courses, ensuring comprehensive and in-depth education in different areas of technology.

Community Growth: Along with expanding course content, we enthusiastically expect the number of students enrolled in our academy to reach 5,000 students by the end of 2024. This growth is not only evidence of the quality of our programs, but also reflects the growing confidence and interest of Arab youth in technology and programming.

2024 Q1

with the first batch of courses

2024 Q1

Completion of  5 specialized courses

2024 Q3 / Q4

Reaching 1k Students


Start STEM Courses


Launching First Ibtikar Physical Lab


Start Providing STEM Curriculum as service for schools


Reach 1 Millions Students

Our ambitions in the Innovation Academy are very high, as we aim to establish the first mobile laboratory for science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) in the year 2026, as this laboratory will be a realistic model for linking the digital platform with a physical place equipped with full computer equipment in addition to robots and advanced educational tools to be a place for students to visit. To enhance their learning experience. This laboratory will be a model ready to be replicated in different cities in the Arab region.

By 2027, we will have finished designing and building our own STEM curriculum, which will be a new product presented to schools in the Arab region, in addition to teacher qualification courses and laboratory establishment services.

At the heart of every challenge lies the promise of a better tomorrow, and at the heart of every effort we make at the Innovation Academy lies a solid will to shape a prosperous future for our youth. We don't just offer educational courses; We plant the seeds of creativity and instill the values of innovation and critical thinking. Here, where culture and technology meet, we build bridges towards an interconnected world that celebrates science and knowledge.

Our journey is marked by hope and determination, and we invite you to be partners in this noble endeavour. Let us move forward together, towards a future illuminated by the light of knowledge and driven by the passion of youth. At Innovation Academy, we don't just dream about the future; We make it, day by day, together.